Succession Planning Solutions

Succession planning protects your firm’s value and the well-being of your clients and employees. As an advisor, you protect your clients’ financial futures through thoughtful preparation and planning every day—so why are so many seasoned advisors failing to address their own firms’ inevitable transition? The experts at ECHELON have helped thousands of firms address this “elephant in the room,” and we understand the complex issues advisors must overcome to get started.

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Strategic Planning Services

Strategic planning is a dedicated process that can help a firm set clear priorities, define its vision and business objectives, and focus its energy and resources on accomplishing these goals. ECHELON provides expert strategic planning advice that can help guide executives through complex decisions that arise as a firm grows or as it is presented with new challenges and opportunities.

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Strategic Planning Services

Dynamic Equity Sharing Solutions

ECHELON’s dynamic equity sharing solutions allow companies to optimize enterprise value. We create a customized, long-term incentive plan that ensures your objectives are aligned with the intended outcome. The process consists of several steps, beginning with establishing objectives, valuing the organization, and understanding goals for growth. Then, ECHELON develops a program to reward each participant for contributing to the firm’s value. Our services also include customized tools that allow you to refine the program as your business and personnel evolve.

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Compensation Design, Performance Management, & Equity Sharing Consulting Services

Across the wealth and investment management industries, there is a growing need to develop strategic and competitive compensation, performance management, and equity sharing plans that appropriately reward partners and employees for firm growth and individual performance. ECHELON specializes in designing comprehensive programs that thoughtfully align rewards with results and ultimately drive increased firm value.

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Key Benefits

ECHELON’s Consulting Services Ensure That Wealth and Investment Managers Can:

Reward & retain your top talent
Reward & retain your top talent
Ensure Continuity
Ensure continuity in your business for clients and employees
Grow with Purpose
Grow with purpose
Maximize the value of your firm
Maximize the value of your firm
Utilize Third Party Guidance
Utilize third-party guidance and perspectives needed to navigate complex internal and external challenges
Make Strategic Investments
Make strategic investments in your business that accelerate growth and performance