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The RIA M&A Deal Report

ECHELON Partners’ RIA M&A Deal Report provides executives with a set of high-powered research and analysis on mergers, acquisitions, capital raising and valuation.  We have assembled the RIA M&A Deal Report to provide valuable deal intelligence and resources to help equity owners and executives better understand the Mergers and Acquisitions environment for Wealth Management, Investment Management, WealthTECH, and Breakaway firms.

To download a copy of the Q1 2020 RIA M&A Deal Report, please click here.

To download a previous edition of the RIA M&A Deal Report, please click below.

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Research Reports

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In addition to its services, ECHELON offers the resources listed below, which its clients find valuable in helping them achieve their goals.


Processes & Databases Financial Models Tools & Technologies Legal Documents
  • Buyer database
  • Seller database
  • PE/VC investor database
  • Lender database
  • Public company database
  • M&A transaction database
  • Financing transaction database
  • Vendor partner database
  • Related to seller proceeds
  • Related to buyer outlays
  • Related to rollups within the industry
  • Related to mergers
  • Related to capital raising
  • Related to investing
  • Related to loans & lending
  • Related to a diversity of valuation scenarios
  • Related to equity sharing & compensation programs
  • Related to legal agreements
  • Online valuation tool
  • Loan application & borrower evaluation
  • Buyer & seller matching tool
  • Merger partner appraisal tool
  • Succession preparedness evaluation tool
  • Continuity preparedness evaluation tool
  • Monte Carlo simulation for advisors
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Indications of Interest
  • Operating/Shareholders Agreement
  • Letters of Intent
  • Equity Sharing Agreements
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Term Sheets



  • ECHELON Partners Firm Overview
  • Board Advisory and Conference Speech Services
  • Buying and Selling Services
  • Continuity Planning Services
  • Merger Services
  • Succession Planning Services
  • The Seivert Report
  • Valuation Services

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