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ECHELON executives have been quoted extensively as leading authorities and industry experts in the wealth and investment management sectors by multiple industry publications.

*Note that prior to 2008 ECHELON Partners was titled 3C Financial Partners.
Date Publication Article & Description (click article title for PDF)
4/19/2017 Barron’s Focus Financial in Deal with PE Firms
4/19/2017 Focus Forgoes IPO for Deal with KKR, Stone Point
4/19/2017 RIABiz Stone Point and KKR Buy Focus Financial for $2 Billion by Employing Massive Leverage
4/13/2017 RIABiz HighTower Picks-up $6.4 Billion Roll Up on the Cheap but the Valuation May Reflect WealthTrust’s Stagnant Growth and Profitability
4/3/2017 Financial Advisor IQ PE Player Buys Stake in $18B Wealth Manager
3/28/2017 Edelman Financial Would Consider Acquisition, Focused on Organic Growth, CEO Says
3/14/2017 Will Depressed Pay Packages for Advisors Recover?
2/24/2017 ThinkAdvisor The Valuation Conundrum
2/23/2017 Schwab Report Confirms Accelerated Pace of Advisor M&A
2/23/2017 Financial Advisor Magazine RIA M&A Activity Growth Slows, But Still Healthy
2/23/2017 ThinkAdvisor Recruiting Roundup; ECHELON Partners Taps ex-LPL M&A Specialist
2/22/2017 Financial Planning Ex-LPL consulting head joins Echelon Partners
2/22/2017 ECHELON Partners Press Release ECHELON Partners Expands Executive Team; Adds Three Key Hires
2/17/2017 Investment News Mercer Advisors acquiring its way to national family office status
1/30/2017 Investment News Smarter Sellers, buyers bog down RIA M&A activity
1/24/2017 Investment News Fintechs producing cheaper, automated firm valuations for advisers
1/23/2017 FundFire Indie Wealth Shop M&A Up 10% in 2016
1/23/2017 Financial Advisor IQ Wealth Management Mergers At All-Time High in 2016
1/19/2017 Reuters Merger activity for independent U.S. wealth managers up 10 percent: study
1/19/2017 Financial Planning Billion-dollar deals and breakaway surge for RIA M&A
1/19/2017 Barron’s RIA Deals Set Record in 2016
1/19/2017 ThinkAdvisor 5 Trends Driving Record M&A Activity for RIAs: Dan Seivert
1/18/2017 Financial Planning Why the M&A party isn’t breaking up — yet
1/18/2017 M&A Activity Sets New Record High In 2016
1/18/2017 Investment News RIAs merging at a record clip, more breakaways become RIAs
1/18/2017 ECHELON Partners Press Release ECHELON Partners Releases RIA M&A DealBook Showing Record Activity in 2016, Strong Growth Projected for 2017
11/14/2016 ECHELON Partners Press Release CLS Investments and ECHELON Partners Release Latest White Paper on Future of Financial Advisor Succession Planning
11/2/2016 RIABiz This time LPL share jump is traced to E*Trade
10/27/2016 Financial Advisor IQ Quest for a Do-it-All Advice Platform Drives M&As
10/25/2016 ThinkAdvisor Technology Disruption Driving M&A in Wealth Management
10/24/2016 Financial Advisor IQ DOL Rule’s Impact of RIA M&A Activity is Uncertain
10/21/2016 RIABiz LPL Financial share price tumbles to pre-hostile bid levels in atmosphere of eerie calm
10/21/2016 RIABiz Coming RIA custody fees and a new recruiting war catch the attention of deal hounds in Manhattan
10/20/2016 You Are How You Pay
10/20/2016 Investment News In the wake of the DOL fiduciary rule, will RIA M&A surge?
10/20/2016 How Savvy RIA Buyers Should Negotiate in a Seller’s Market
10/20/2016 Financial Planning How will the DoL fiduciary rule impact RIA M&A?
10/20/2016 Investment News The DOL fiduciary rule: RIA M&A catalyst or killer?
10/13/2016 Financial Advisor Magazine LPL Suitors Most Likely PE Firms
10/12/2016 Financial Planning Wedding Bells? Who Might Buy LPL
9/30/2016 RIABiz Nationwide buys Jefferson National under purported DOL duress but ‘good private equity’ and good planning may rule the day
9/23/2016 Financial Planning RIA dealmakers should follow fintech money to success
9/14/2016 ECHELON Partners Press Release ECHELON Partners Announces Speakers, Topics and Theme for NYC Edition of the Deals & Deal Makers Summit 2016
8/30/2016 RIABiz Why Focus Financial is risking it all — including the advantages of privacy and private stock — for a successful IPO
8/24/2016 Financial Planning What’s Next For Focus Financial?
8/24/2016 FundFire Focus Financial Files for IPO: Report
8/9/2016 FundFire RIA Acquisition to Create $13B Wealth Shop
7/12/2016 RIABiz What to make of Ron Carson selling 29% of his empire for $35 million — and how he’s evolved his no-pain, no-gain approach to attract a new generation of talent
6/28/2016 ECHELON Partners Press Release ECHELON Partners Named Finalist for the 2016 Industry Awards
6/15/2016 Financial Planning The new play for RIA M&A dealmakers – Follow the fintech money
6/15/2016 ECHELON Partners Brings Investment Banking to WealthTECH Firms
6/15/2016 ECHELON Partners Press Release ECHELON Partners Formally Launches WealthTECH Investment Banking Platform; Adds Three Key Hires
6/10/2016 RIABiz Spinning 200+ years of legacy culture as a virtue, BNY Mellon uses Pershing INSITE to show its software side, softer side
6/9/2016 Investment News Already sizzling RIA M&A market could be stoked by DOL fiduciary rule
5/2/2016 Time to Sell? Public Markets Provide a Clue
4/21/2016 Financial Advisor IQ The Value of Your Firm Isn’t Just About You
4/11/2016 RIABiz Charles Goldman’s Turnaround of Genworth Castoff Leads Chinese Investor to Pay Stunning Price
3/24/2016 MergerMarket HighTower Advisors Seeks More RIA M&A, not in IPO Discussions, CEO Says
2/24/2016 Financial Advisor IQ Aspiriant’s Luring RIAs With Stock, Not Cash
2/19/2016 RIABiz How Rob Francais is Convincing RIAs to Sign on the Dotted Line with Aspiriant – No Money Down
2/17/2016 Aspiriant Adds $360 Million RIA in Los Angeles
2/17/2016 Financial Planning Aspiriant Inks 2nd Deal in 3 Months
1/12/2016 Financial Advisor IQ Biggest RIAs Seek Ways to Get Bigger
12/10/2015 Financial Planning Grab Your Wallet: RIA Buyers And Sellers Gear Up for Busy 2016
11/2/2015 ThinkAdvisor RIA Buyers and Sellers Are Growing Wiser
10/12/2015 RIABiz Morningstar Buys Standalone Rebalancer to Fulfill its All-in-One vision by Getting Sheryl Rowling to Cash Out and Go Back to RIA
10/12/2015 RIABiz Why The PE That Helped Take LPL Public Now Controls Edelman Financial And Plans To Invest More Heavily
10/9/2015 Top 10 Lessons for RIA M&A Deal Makers
10/9/2015 Financial Advisor Magazine Morningstar to Purchase tRx Portfolio Rebalancing Tool
10/8/2015 Morningstar Purchases tRx Portfolio Rebalancing Platform
10/8/2015 Morningstar Press Release Morningstar, Inc. to Acquire tRx Investment Portfolio Rebalancing Platform for Advisors
9/25/2015 Investment News LPL Faces Reckoning From Activist Investor
9/21/2015 RIABiz Why a $1 Billion-Plus RIA Attended Dan Seivert’s Two-Day M&A Conference
9/21/2015 Financial Planning RIA M&A Deal Makers’ Shopping List: What They Want
9/18/2015 Financial Advisor Are RIA Firms Really too Happy to Sell Out?
9/18/2015 Financial Planning How – and Why – RIA M&A Deals are Getting Done Now
9/18/2015 Financial Planning Executives’ Debate: Should RIAs Go Public?
8/7/2015 FundFire Consultant Bulks Up to $180B with Boutique Acquisition
8/3/2015 ECHELON Partners Press Release ECHELON Partners Announces Keynote Speakers for The Deals & Deal Makers Summit 2015
7/7/2015 RIABiz Focus Financial is Preparing SEC Paperwork for its Initial Public Offering
6/26/2015 The Deal Your Independent Investment Adviser Wants to Die With his Boots On
6/24/2015 ECHELON Partners Press Release ECHELON Partners Opens Registration for The Deals & Deal Makers Summit 2015
6/18/2015 FundFire First Republic Boosts High-End Wealth Biz With $6B RIA Purchase
6/17/2015 RIABiz First Republic Buys an Eight-Year-Old RIA For $115 Million
3/4/2015 Financial Advisor IQ Are Wealth-Firm Rollups Starting to Dry Up?
3/2/2015 Investment News Is There a Bubble in RIA Prices?
2/26/2015 Financial Advisor IQ RIA M&A Deals Hinge on Advisors’ Talent and Fit
2/11/2015 RIABiz What to make of Fidelity Investments paying $250 million out of the blue for eMoney
1/30/2015 Financial Planning What RIA Buyers Want to Know About Sellers
1/29/2015 Inside the Mind of The Seller
1/12/2015 Los Angeles Business Journal Biggest Deals of the Year
12/12/2014 Financial Advisor IQ Buying or Selling a Firm? Don’t Be Delusional
10/17/2014 Investment News Advisory Firms Aren’t Worth as Much as Owners Think
10/14/2014 Financial Planning New M&A Entry Using Alternatives to Woo RIAs
9/29/2014 Investment News RIA M&A Deals Pickup Up Steam
9/26/2014 Financial Advisor Magazine Advisor Biz Grapples with ‘Succession Recession’
9/26/2014 Financial Planning Top Talent Shortage Slows RIA Growth
9/25/2014 Financial Planning Buyers Target Small & Middle Tier RIAs
9/18/2014 RIABiz Philly buyer lays down a cool $199MM in cash to buy FolioDynamix, the better to put Envestnet firmly in its sights
9/5/2014 RIABiz How the Eric Cantor Hire is Really All About Ken Moelis
8/1/2014 Financial Advisor IQ Clashing Agendas Keep RIA M&A In Check
7/18/2014 Investment News A Seller’s Market for Sharp Advisors
7/16/2014 Investment News Private Bank to Acquire $4.3B RIA, Creating $9B Wealth Management Monster
7/3/2014 RIABiz After years of working to stand on its own two feet, Placemark staggers into the arms of Envestnet
6/27/2014 RIABiz With Stephen Cucchario Out, Liz Ann Sonders takes the Windhaven reins
6/8/2014 RIABiz INSITE 2014 unveils wired body armor for the advisor of the future as it rolls out a slew of NetX360 upgrades
5/14/2014 The Wall Street Journal The Costs of Improperly Valuing the Firm
5/5/2014 RIABiz Tub-thumping debate between Tibergien and Seivert ignites Deal Makers Summit in NYC and helps RIA succession medicine go down
5/5/2014 Financial Planning Who Are the Best Buyers for RIA Firms?
5/2/2014 Financial Planning What Drives Firm Value? 5 Critical Factors
5/1/2014 Getting the Most for Your Firm
4/22/2014 Financial Planning Mariner Nears $10 Billion With Latest Addition
3/17/2014 Los Angeles Business Journal More Money Men
2/26/2014 Financial Advisor IQ Don’t Confuse Continuity Planning with Succession Planning (Video)
2/12/2014 Investment News Merrill aims for 30% profit margins, but at what cost?
2/04/2014 Financial Advisor IQ A Third of Advisors Want to Retire in Ten Years
1/17/2014 RIA Biz What the Cetera takeover means and why the non-RIA, product-through-the-pipe direction in the hands of a hard-hitter is an eyebrow raiser
1/16/2014 Financial Advisor IQ The Hard Realities of Selling Your Firm
1/15/2014 Financial Planning Highline Adds 2 New Advisor Tuck-ins
1/13/2014 RIABiz Gurinder Ahluwalia steps out, Charles Goldman steps in, as AssetMark CEO
10/15/2013 ECHELON Partners Press Release Deals and Deal Makers Summit Proves to be Hugely Valuable Buyers Bootcamp at the Beach
10/8/2013 Fund Fire SMA Shop Snags Partners in ETF Strategist Push
10/4/2013 RIABiz Dan Seivert Brings 85 RIA M&A deal-makers to la-la land ‘Buyers’ Boot Camp’ for sun, sand, and serious discussions
9/27/2013 Financial Planning Powerhouse Regional RIAs Rising, Deal Makers say
9/27/2013 Financial Planning RIA M&A 4 Hot-Button Issues
9/05/2013 RIABiz How 3 Wealth managers at Goldman Sachs parlayed a $1 billion book of business into a $125-million payday — after doing it once before for $217 million
8/18/2013 Investment News Fees or Commissions: Which Are More Profitable?
8/15/2013 RIABiz As LPL Financial Braces for a Share Sell-off and Loss of Two Directors, a Citi Analyst Says It’ll Be Good
6/13/2013 RIABiz Why Exactly Lovell Minnick Sold First Allied About Five Years Ahead of Plan
5/30/2013 Investment News The FPA NorCal Conference Burnishes its Little-Gem Image With Big RIAs and Other Advisory Progressives
4/21/2013 Investment News NFP: Requiem for a Roll-Up
4/17/2013 Fund Fire Evestnet, Genworth Moves Reset Turnkey Business
4/15/2013 RIABiz As Envestnet Shares Soar, the Firm Extends its Offerings Further Beyond RIAs With $33-Million Deal
4/15/2013 Investment News Madision Dearborn to Buy NFP for $1.3 Billion
2/25/2013 Financial Planning Dynasty’s New Deal Adds Chris Paul and Michael Phelps to Roster
1/28/2013 RIABiz The RIA M&A Market Stumbled in 2012, but Giants Were Not Deterred, Schwab End-of-Year Data Shows
10/19/2012 Fund Fire Why Luminous Deal Will Be Tough to Repeat
9/14/2012 RIABiz HighTower Throws Open its Doors to Non-Partner Firms Who Want Service
5/30/2012 Investment News Steps for Building a Succession Plan
5/30/2012 Investment News Develop the Preamble for Your Succession Plan
5/30/2012 Investment News Talking Points: How Imporant is Formal Valuation?
4/22/2012 RIABiz Why Ric Edelman is Going Private
12/16/2011 RIABiz With FundQuest off its Plate, Envestnet is Ready for a Helping of New Deals
11/20/2011 Investment News Taxes a Factor When You Sell
11/20/2011 Investment News Schwab in Front as Custodians Set Plans to Finance Advisor Succession
11/14/2011 ECHELON Partners OBS Holdings, Inc. to be Acquired by Canandaigua  National Bank and Westbridge Investments
11/13/11 Financial Advisor Magazine RIA M&A Game Changer
8/28/2011 Investment News Brokers May Find Cutting the Wire Their Best Move
8/18/2011 RIABiz Schwab Redefines RIAs in its M&A Study but Experts Say Further Refinement is Needed
8/15/2011 RIABiz Schwab’s Purchase of Windhaven Made its Asset Growth Soar — and RIA Assets May be the Afterburners
5/9/2011 RIABiz Focus Financial Pivots to Breakaway Strategy with Fidelity Recruit
4/3/2011 Investment News Are You Looking to Sell Your Firm? Here’s What Acquiring Minds Seek
3/17/2011 FundFire Poll: UBS is Most Likely Takeover Target for Wells
2/2/2011 Thomson Reuters Record Adviser Firm M&A Deals Made in 2010
2/2/2011 RIABiz Record Year for RIA M&A After Giant Fourth Quarter, Schwab Says
1/14/2011 ECHELON Partners Windham Brannon Merges with Tarpley & Underwood
1/9/2011 Investment News More Asset Manager Mergers Seen in 2011
1/7/2011 ECHELON Partners Buckingham Financial Services Acquires Turnkey 401(k) Program
12/30/2010 RIABiz Raymond James Adds 20 Advisors, and Their $1.9B in Assets, as Part of I-Banking Purchase
11/18/2010 AdvisorOne LPL Kicks Off IPO, in Much Anticipated Move
11/17/2010 Dow Jones Newswires Industry Impact of LPL’s IPO is Debated
11/17/2010 Dow Jones How a Smaller RIA Finds a Buyer
11/16/2010 RIABiz 10 Reasons Why LPL Could Pull off a Hot IPO in a Cold Market
11/10/2010 Fund Fire Wilshire, Citi Team Up for Wealth Turnkey Biz
11/5/2010 RIABiz What to Make of LPL Nearing a Successful – But Scaled Back – IPO
11/4/2010 Forbes Move Over, Merrill
11/4/2010 AdvisorOne LPL Assumes IPO Price of $28.50 Per Share
10/1/2010 Financial Planning Rocket Fuel
9/2/2010 RIABiz A Look Inside Schwab’s Big Deal with a Small Asset Manager
9/1/2010 Financial Planning The Nominees Are…
7/26/2010 RIABiz M&A Market for RIAs Continues Record Pace: Second Half Looks Even Stronger
7/1/2010 Investment Advisor Succession Planning: Buying and Selling Wealth Management Practices
6/15/2010 RIABiz What to Make of Mark Hurley’s Latest Prophesy that Most RIA Firms Will Go Out with a Whimper
6/13/2010 Investment News Rough Exit Ahead for Wealth Managers, Study Contends
6/8/2010 RIABiz 10 Reasons Why LPL Could Pull off a Hot IPO in a Cold Market
6/7/2010 RIABiz Favorite Succession Plan of RIAs Remains the Same: None at All
6/6/2010 Investment News Tips When Selling to a Junior Partner
6/1/2010 Financial Planning Transfer of Power
5/27/2010 Registered Rep. – The Next Move Bracing for the Worst: The Importance of Contingency Planning
5/14/2010 Investment Advisor TD Ameritrade Online Tool Helps RIAs Analyze Firm Value
5/11/2010 Fund Fire Wirehouses Drop as RIAs Pick Up More Assets
5/10/2010 Reuters Investment Adviser M&A Seen Rising This Year
5/4/2010 Dow Jones Newswires TD Ameritrade Rolls Out Valuation Tool for Custody Clients
5/3/2010 TD AMERITRADE Institutional TD AMERITRADE Institutional Launches “Valuation Analyzer”
5/1/2010 RIA Pops
4/22/2010 Dow Jones Newswires Mapping This Year’s M&A Landscape
4/16/2010 Family Wealth Report Alternative Investment Sector is Top M&A Target
4/15/2010 Dow Jones Newswires Practice Management: Rising Market Spurs Advisory Firm Deals
4/11/2010 Investment News The Art of the Deal
4/9/2010 Investment News TD Ameritrade to Offer DIY Valuation Tool
4/7/2010 Financial Planning Wealth Management M&A: Sink or Swim?
4/6/2010 Registered Rep. Custodians in the Race to Roll Out M&A Tools
3/15/2010 Family Wealth Report Banks in Wealth Management – Is Now the Time?
3/10/2010 Family Wealth Report Convergent to Close Atlanta, Philadelphia Offices
3/10/2010 Family Wealth Report Big Opportunity to Buy Firms in 2010 – ABA Wealth Management Conference
3/4/2010 Investment News Ten Tips for Boosting the Value of Your Firm
2/16/2010 RIABiz Consolidation Pushes a Veteran of Wachovia, U.S. Trust, National City into the RIA Space
2/11/2010 RIABiz Bibliowicz’s Turnaround Plan for National Financial Partners Includes Rolling Up RIAs
2/8/2010 Fund Fire Indie Advisor M&A Deals Pegged to Rebound
2/1/2010 Registered Rep. M&A Rebound
2/1/2010 Transitions Magazine M&A Outlook for 2010: What’s on the Horizon?
1/26/2010 MFWire Are Publicly Traded Asset Managers Getting Cheaper?
1/20/2010 RIABiz Focus Financial Breaks into the American Sports World with its Latest RIA Deal
1/6/2010 Registered Rep. Wealth Management M&A to Pick Up in 2010
1/6/2010 RIABiz 8 Major Points to Understand about the M&A Market at the Start of 2010
1/5/2010 Financial Planning Report: Wealth Management M&A to be “Subtle and Selective” in 2010
1/4/2010 Advisor Solutions Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together
1/4/2010 ECHELON Partners Press Release M&A Trends and Opportunities for Wealth Managers in 2010
12/30/2009 Registered Rep. – The Next Move Succession Planning 101: A Roadmap to Retirement
12/13/2009 RIABiz Banks are Hungry to Buy RIAs Again
12/11/2009 RIABiz Deal Bottleneck in M&A Caused by Buyers Expecting Fire Sale Prices, Report Says
11/8/2009 Investment News Focus Financial Lining Up New Capital Infusion
10/30/2009 RIABiz Before Buying Other Firms, See if Your Practice is Marriage Material
10/27/2009 RIABiz The Seven Things I Learned from Roll-up Executives in Princeton
10/22/2009 RIABiz Merger and Breakaway Experts Convene Near Princeton at Old Merrill Lynch Lair
10/19/2009 Fund Fire RIA Buyer Seals 8th Acquisition of 2009
10/11/2009 Investment News Roll-Up Firms Get Squeezed by Backers and RIA Firms
10/8/2009 RIABiz Why the Time for Advisors to Buy Other Advisors is Now Picture Perfect
10/4/2009 Investment News United Bucks Market Trend on Acquisitions
10/1/2009 Transitions Magazine Anatomy of a Buyer
10/1/2009 MFWire Valuations for Investment Managers are Down by Half from the Peak, Says I-Banker
9/30/2009 MFWire How Has Fund Distribution Changed?
9/14/2009 Investment News Credit Suisse on the Prowl in Top End of U.S. Market
9/1/2009 Transitions Magazine Paint Yourself into the Current Buying Landscape
8/18/2009 Family Wealth Report Value of Investment Firms Up in Second Quarter
8/17/2009 Fund Fire Managers Planning Buys to Fill Product Gaps
8/13/2009 Financial Planning TD Ameritrade Launches M&A Guidebook Series for Advisors
8/4/2009 Family Wealth Report Schwab says RIA Transitions are Up So Far This Year
6/25/2009 Fund Fire MoneyVoices: Lines Redrawn in Active vs. Passive Debate
6/2/2009 Advisor Perspectives Helping Advisors Grow
6/1/2009 Boomer Market Advisor Merging Trumps Selling in Today’s Market
5/18/2009 Fund Fire M&A Pegged to Increase for Indie Advisors
4/29/2009 Financial Advisor Magazine Small Firm M&A Still Strong
4/28/2009 Fund Fire TD Unveils M&A Service for Indie Advisors
4/26/2009 Investment News Mega-Firms Eye Selloffs to Slim Down
4/22/2009 TD AMERITRADE Institutional TD AMERITRADE Institutional Connects Advisors in the Market for M&A
2/20/2009 Fund Fire Smith Barney Loses 15 Advisors to Baird
2/3/2009 Fund Fire Two Managed Account Providers Team Up On Bank
1/22/2009 Fund Fire Schwab, Pershing Grow Breakaway RIA Assets
1/15/2009 Fund Fire MoneyVoices: Making Sense of Smith Barney Deal
1/4/2009 Investment News Advisers Face ‘Reality Check’
12/21/2008 Investment News Reviving Practice Valuations
12/17/2008 Family Wealth Report Startup Takes An “Old-is-New” Approach to Advisors
12/12/2008 Fund Fire New Firm in Wirehouse Advisory Poaching Fray
12/7/2008 Investment News Advisory Firms Retain Their M&A Allure
10/10/2008 Ignites Your Q&A: How Do Funds Make M&A Deals Now?
10/7/2008 Fund Fire Ultra-Wealth Shop Silvercrest Buys Boston RIA
10/2/2008 Fund Fire Your Q&A: Does Neuberger Deal Devalue Managers?
9/26/2008 Family Wealth Report Fidelity Sees Hike in RIA Business from Ex-Brokers
9/15/2008 Family Wealth Report Wealth Management Perspective on BoA – Merrill Deal
9/15/2008 Investment News Indie Wealth Firms Sought by Acquirers
8/19/2008 Fund Fire Fisher Buys RIA and Promises More Deals
8/14/2008 Fund Fire New SMA Entrant Outsources to Market Street
8/13/2008 Transition News The Power of Independence
8/7/2008 Family Wealth Report RBC Eager To Expand Its New RIA Custody Business
7/21/2008 Fund Fire JPMorgan Unveils Bear Stearns Unified Accts
6/12/2008 Fund Fire Your Q&A: Does Selling A Stake Jolt Clients?
5/28/2008 Family Wealth Report Banks Need More Relationship Managers to Keep Up
5/13/2008 Fund Fire Moss Adams Cuts RIA Research Arm
5/5/2008 Investment News Subprime Debacle Incites Change Among Advisers, Clients
4/28/2008 Fund Fire SMA Outsourcers Look for End to Dry Spell
4/17/2008 Fund Fire Callan Pushes Into Managed Account Biz
4/17/2008 Family Wealth Report Clearbrook, Knight Launch New Fee-Based Platform
3/28/2008 Family Wealth Report US Brokerages Under Pressure From Hollistic Firms
3/27/2008 Fund Fire Schwab Expands Managed Account Menu
3/10/2008 Family Wealth Report Light Shed on Wealth – , Investment – Firm Valuations
2/20/2008 Fund Fire LPL Hires Citi Vet for Push Upmarket
1/30/2008 Fund Fire Poll: Wealth Firms Deserve Conservative Valuations
1/7/2008 Investment News Wealth Management May Face Growing Pains
12/10/2007 Investment News Titans Seek Other Rich Folks to Join Their “Club”
11/15/2007 Family Wealth Report Platform Maker Fortigent Adds a Raft of New Clients
11/13/2007 Family Wealth Report Kochis Fitz and Quintile Agree to Combine in 2008
11/5/2007 Family Wealth Report Arbitrage and Momentum in Advisory Consolidation
10/29/2007 Fund Fire RIA Buyer Makes Four New Acquisitions
10/24/2007 Fund Fire JPMorgan Signs Hancock SMA Outsourcing Deal
10/17/2007 Press Release Matrix Makes List of Top SMA Deals For 2007
10/8/2007 Fund Fire Pershing Merges with Wealth Advisor Platform
8/23/2007 Family Wealth Report Focus Financial Sets Sights On Wirehouse Brokers
7/11/2007 Family Wealth Report Clearbrook Hired Former Head of Merrill’s Consults
6/28/2007 Family Wealth Report World’s High-Net-Worth Population up 8.3% in 2006
6/19/2007 Family Wealth Report ECHELON Out to Help Wirehouse Brokers Break Away
6/18/2007 Fund Fire Mellon to Run Ops for Managed Acct Entrant
4/17/2007 Fund Fire Wilshire Breaks Into Private Bank Market
3/23/2007 Fund Fire Merrill Launches Third-Party Investment Biz
3/22/2007 Business Wire All The Right Moves
3/8/2007 Fund Fire IXIS Wins Overlay Biz from Brinker
1/26/2007 Fund Fire AG Edwards Debuts Three Unified Acct Options
12/14/2006 Fund Fire UBS Suit Puts Spotlight on Fee-Based Advice
11/21/2006 Fund Fire B of A Crashes Top Tier with U.S. Trust Deal
9/8/2006 Fund Fire ING Switches Managed Acct Ops to SEI
9/6/2006 Family Wealth Report Firms Fight to Dominate Managed Account Processing
9/1/2006 Ignites Head of ING Fund Sales Unit Exiting
8/23/2006 Family Wealth Report Deutsche PWM Staffs Up With An Eye to Integration
8/10/2006 Fund Fire GlobalBridge Taps Mercer, Hunts Institutions
7/21/2006 Fund Fire Leaner Is Better for Top Wealth Managers
7/7/2006 Fund Fire Lydian Spins Off Third-Party Platform
7/2/2006 Fund Fire Wealth Firms Hand $200B to Managers Annually
6/22/2006 Family Wealth Report Ex-Brinker Exec Jumps to SMA Processing
6/12/2006 Investment News Wealth Management Market ‘Very Mature’
5/11/2006 Fund Fire Bank of NY to Quit Managed Acct Outsourcing
4/5/2006 Fund Fire SunGard Builds Up Managed Account Biz
2/20/2006 Financial Times Investor weigh up Merril’s deal with BlackRock
2/17/2006 Fund Fire BlackRock Suddenly a Managed Acct Giant
2/16/2006 Ignites Merrill, BlackRock Sales Could Jump with Merger
2/8/2006 Fund Fire New Wealth Player Seeks to Roll Up RIAs
2/1/2006 Fund Fire Banks Yielding to Managed Account Pitch
1/31/2006 Family Wealth Report Merrill Rebrands Investment Offerings
11/8/2005 Family Wealth Report Bank Must Match Product Mix to Markets
11/1/2005 Fund Fire Lazard Outsources Managed Acct Ops
10/12/2005 Fund Fire JP Morgan Inks First Managed Acct Ops Deal
10/7/2005 Business Wire Platform Made Perfect
10/6/2005 Fund Fire Managed Acct Firms Review Client Suitability
10/2005 MMI Member Update Taking Advantage of the Right Platform
9/26/2005 Fund Fire Placemark Targets Bank with Unified Platform
9/19/2005 Family Wealth Report So Much for Traditional Outsourcing
7/15/2005 Fund Fire Largest Wealth Firms Embrace Managed Accts
5/23/2005 Fund Fire Mellon Shoulders Ops for Managed Acct Entrant
5/5/2005 Family Wealth Report Amex Units Re-Org to Impact Advisors
5/2/2005 Fund Fire MFS Outsources Managed Acct Ops to SEI
4/1/2005 Fund Fire Citi Wins Managed Acct Outsourcing Client
2/7/2005 Fund Fire NSCC Nixes Bid for Regulated Managed Acct Hub
12/7/2004 Fund Fire Hungry EnvestNet Grabs Managed Acct Platform
12/6/2004 Fund Fire Citi Enters Managed Acct Outsourcing Biz
10/27/2004 Fund Fire Merrill Fee Cuts Challenge Manager Margins
10/12/2004 Fund Fire Manulife Pulls Back From Managed Accts
9/20/2004 Fund Fire Goldman Wins Three New Managed Acct Mandates
9/15/2004 Fund Fire Managed Acct Outsourcing Still Under Review
8/17/2004 Fund Fire Managed Acct Break-Even Varies Widely
7/6/2004 Fund Fire Headhunters Drawn To Ultra-Wealthy Market
6/29/2004 Fund Fire Managed Acct Revenues to Triple By 2010
4/22/2004 Fund Fire Opportunity Knocks for Managed Acct Firms
4/22/2004 Business Wire Driving Profits
3/24/2004 Fund Fire JPMorgan Enters Managed Acct Outsourcing
2/2/2004 Fund Fire Managed Acct Outsourcing Still In Balance
12/18/2003 Fund Fire Battle Lines Drawn on Managed Acct Ops Hub
10/16/2003 Fund Fire Pershing Outlines Managed Account Utility
10/8/2003 Fund Fire BoNY Gains Ground In Outsourcing
10/3/2003 Ignites Affiliated Mangers Group Acquires Conseco Funds
9/19/2003 Fund Fire Managed Account Firms Outsource
7/2002 Research Magazine Expanding Your Practice

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